Student comment


Ethan Kim  (12)  Kids Private lesson

It’s truly the Best English School in the area. The instructor has a long history of teaching from all ages. He is British and very hard working. He makes sure the students learn what they came for. His intensive and unique way of teaching is very impressive. When my son first went to his school, he couldn’t read and write English at all. He was a very shy boy. We ask him to privately cater for my son’s tutorial needs. Now, he has passed his International School Entrance Test and can also read and write well at least for his age level and is able to cope with his lessons at International school. We’re talking about just for three months, 3 times a week lesson with Mark. What an achievement! It’s worth every penny for that kind of education. It’s truly amazing and I am so grateful. At the same time; he could help my son in so many ways in terms of his lessons in school and coping with the difficulty of starting a new language. Very highly recommended.


BEST English Schoolは間違いなく、近隣エリアでは「BEST」な英会話スクールだと思います。











Yuki (28) Travel English

I have just finished my 20-week travel course, which prepared me for my move to America. The course was great fun, and my listening and speaking skills have really improved. I can now speak in English with more confidence.




Junko (64) Group lesson

I am in a group with two other students. We have a conversation class and discuss news events and hobbies. The class atmosphere is very comfortable and Mark always makes coffee when we start. I have made some friends and every week, I learning many new words and phrases. I am really enjoying my class.




Ryoya (6) / Taku (8) Group lesson

Mark is teaching my boys. They both have fun in the class and they come home with a smile on their face after their class. They have started using English at home and practicing what Mark is teaching them. BEST English school is a really good school and I recommend it. They also have a library there so my kids bring a different book home every week.




Chiharu (11) / Chiaki (8) Group lesson

My children have a fun class every week. Mark is a very friendly teacher. In addition to the text, the classes also feature games, prints, and picture books. My children are always looking forward to going to class and are excited when they are there.




Ryota (11) / Nayu (7) Group lesson

マーク先生はとてもおもしろい先生で子供たちは毎回楽しくレッスンを受けています♪ 先生とコミュニケーションがとれるようになるよう、がんばって英語の勉強をしています。

Mark is a funny and interesting teacher. My kids have fun lessons studying beginner English. They are trying very hard to communicate with the teacher.



Riku (7) Group lesson


The teacher creates a very friendly impression in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. My son is shy, but he is very comfortable studying English with Mark. I discussed with the school about the best way to help my child and they answered all of my questions very carefully. I am very happy with the school.



Mikuri (12) Group lesson



My classes are always fun and I’m always smiling. If I don’t understand, the teacher explains things very easily. I am very motivated to study.



Tomoko  (35)  Private lesson



Mark teaches in a very careful and clear way. His pronunciation is clear and he is easy to understand. The atmosphere is relaxing. It’s like being at home! We talk about many things is class and do a lot of free conversation. I feel that my English level is really improving.



Hideki  (47)  Business English



I am taking a course in Business English. It’s difficult, but I have learned how to communicate with my American colleagues. I am on my second book with Mark. I enjoy his class. It’s very relaxed and comfortable. I recommended his school to my company and Mark is now doing dispatch classes here at Toyota.